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If you’ve ever met one of the Concept Hand Tufting team members you’ll realise that our biggest commonality is our love of wool. Give us the chance and we’ll wax lyrical about this miraculous fibre and the qualities that recommend it. Sustainable, natural and wonderfully versatile, wool is perfect for your carpet or rug and has been found in dwellings as far back as the Bronze Age, with the earliest found wool rug example, the “Pazyryk rug” dating back to 500-300BC.

Concept Hand Tufting also has a history in the wool industry with 5 generations in first yarn spinning and then carpet and rug supply. Our history may not go as far back as the Pazryk rug, but we certainly know and love our wool!

It’s not just tradition that keeps our flame burning for this wonderful fibre. Here are 5 reasons why we choose wool :

1Wool is a renewable & biodegradable source. There is currently 1000 million head of sheep dotted across the globe, continuously growing wool that needs to be shorn every 9-12 months. Shearing does not hurt or harm the sheep in any way. Unlike its synthetic alternatives, wool is created naturally, with only grass and water needed for the sheep to grow its fleece. Made up of a protein called keratin, the fleece is completely biodegradable and will break down quickly, returning essential plant nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous to the soil.

2 – Wool is hardwearing and stain resistant. Wool fibres resemble a coiled spring that naturally “bounces back” when trodden on, making it wonderfully resilient and a great option for high traffic areas or commercial spaces.

The fibre also had a natural protective outer layer made up of microscopic armour-like scales which protect the inner fibre from dirt and liquids, making it more resistant to stains than other fibres and able to be wet cleaned (with the provision that it dries fully before being walked on again).

3 – Wool carpets or rugs assist with air filtration in your home and have been scientifically proven to help clean the indoor air. The fibre naturally traps environmental VOPS (Volatile Organic compounds) such as formaldehyde, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides; common pollutants released by household items like cleaning products and air fresheners. 

Wool fibres do not promote the growth of dust mites or bacteria, nor emit any harmful VOPs itself like some of its synthetic alternatives.

4 – Naturally fire retardant, wool will smoulder rather than burn and has the ability to self extinguish. With its high ignition temperatures, it can be difficult to ignite and has a low flame spread. This recommends it for use in both residential and commercial properties.

5 – Wool holds vibrant colour exceptionally well. It has protein-based chemical makeup, providing excellent binding sites for the colour molecules. If historical carpets and rug examples are anything to go by, you can feel reassured that your beautifully coloured wool rug or carpet will keep its glorious vibrancy for a very long time.

If this isn’t enough reasons to choose wool for your next rug or carpet, then don’t worry, we have even more up our sleeve! Contact a member of our team to chat about the versatility, longevity and affordability of wool, we only need a very small nudge to get us going!

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